Tempura Soba (Noodle)


Cooking Time

10 mins




For 2 portion(s)

Soba 100g
Prawn 2 pieces
Japanese Eggplant 1 piece
Vegetable Oil for deep fry
(A) Egg 1 piece
(A) Iced water 200ml
(A) All-purpose flour 1 cup
(B) Kikkoman Tempura & Noodle Sauce 2 tbsps
(B) Hot water 2 cups

1. For the prawn, Pull off the head and the outer shell. Make a couple of slits underside and cut the tip of the tail a little.
2. Cut all the vegetables into thin 5 mm slices.
3. Mix (A) and coat (1) and (2).
4. Fry the mushroom, the eggplant and the prawn.
5. Heat up (B) until boiling.
6. Cook Soba in boiling water and drain and place in a bowl.
7. Pour (5) over the soba with (4) and serve.

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