Terms and Conditions of Use of Social Media

Kikkoman Trading Asia Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Kikkoman”) requires all users of Kikkoman-affiliated social media services and any associated services (hereinafter referred to as “Social Media Services”) to recognize and strictly observe all terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) stated here. By commencing the use of Social Media Services, Kikkoman assumes all users agree to and accept all conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions without limitation or reservation.

1. Definition of Social Media

Social media refers to any means of communication utilizing internet technology which allows users to send and share content with an unspecified number of individuals. Examples include online bulletin boards, blogs, microblogs (e.g. Twitter, etc.), SNS (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc.), video sharing sites, Q&A websites, as well as any other similar sites.

2. Scope of Application

These Terms and Conditions apply to any individuals (hereafter referred to as “Users”) using Social Media Services. Provided, however, that the policy or terms and conditions for individual Kikkoman-run social media sites (hereinafter referred to as “Social Media Sites”) differ from those set out here, the terms and conditions for individual Social Media Sites will preferentially apply.

3. Terms of Use

Users of Social Media Services agree to abide by the following terms of use:
  1. Users take full responsibility for any outcome resulting from their use of Social Media Services (this refers to the use of Social Media Services for submitting, posting, uploading, displaying or sharing content, and includes viewing; hereinafter referred to as “Usage”) to submit, post, upload, display or share (hereinafter referred to as “Share”) content and information (hereinafter referred to as “Content”).
  2. With the exception of the personal or private information Kikkoman Privacy Policy applies to, any Content Shared by Users is available to be viewed by any other Users of Social Media Services.
    Privacy Policy
  3. Responsibility for the management and usage of Social Media Service passwords is solely that of Users.
  4. In cases where Users cause harm to a third party through use of Social Media Services, Users are responsible for resolving the dispute with the third party as well as any compensation costs. Users should resolve disputes in a manner which will not affect Kikkoman.
  5. Kikkoman does not accept any responsibility for harm caused by Users’ Usage of Social Media Services, provided, however, that Kikkoman is liable if such harm is caused by the willful misconduct or serious negligence of Kikkoman.
  6. Kikkoman reserves the right to seek compensation from Users for any damage incurred by Kikkoman from a breach of the Terms and Conditions by Users.
  7. In cases where any condition in the Terms and Conditions is breached by Users, Kikkoman reserves the right, without prior notice, to remove any Content Shared on Social Media Services by Users and take any other necessary measures.
  8. Kikkoman does not guarantee that Content Shared on Social Media Services by Users or by individuals other than Users is complete, truthful, accurate or credible. Users should recognize the risk of coming in contact with content of a disturbing, dangerous or inappropriate nature during the Usage of Social Media Services, and Users should accept that Kikkoman is not responsible in cases where such Content Shared by Users result in damage to a third party.

4. Prohibited Activities

The following uses of Social Media Services by Users are prohibited and Kikkoman may remove the Content Shared or take any necessary measures to such uses without consent of the User:
  1. Any activity which infringes or may infringe on the rights of, or causes or may cause harm to Kikkoman, other Users or third parties.
  2. Any activity to defame Kikkoman, other Users or third parties, including associated products, services and other items.
  3. Sharing names, telephone numbers, addresses or other private and personal information of other Users or third parties, or any activity that infringes on the privacy of other individuals.
  4. Any electoral activities or campaigning.
  5. Any proselytizing or activities related to the promotion of religious organizations or activities promoting special interest groups or organizations.
  6. Using Content available on Social Media Services for any business or commercial purpose or for purposes other than originally intended, including duplication of Content from Social Media Services.
  7. Use of Content acquired from Social Media Services for commercial gain.
  8. Use of Social Media Services in a way which places Kikkoman, other Users or third parties at a disadvantage.
  9. Any activity which is or may be construed as unlawful or be seen to cause damage or disrupt public order and morals.
  10. Sharing Content, including pictures, which are fully or partially harmful, immoral or abusive.
  11. Any activity which is or could be construed as illegal.
  12. Any Usage which may be considered heinous or discriminatory, or which may be distasteful to other Users or third parties.
  13. Any Usage which disturbs or blocks the operations of Social Media Services or damages the reputation of Kikkoman.
  14. Using a false identity or in any way hiding the identity with the intent of sharing the personal information of other parties.
  15. Using or Sharing any harmful programs such as computer viruses.
  16. Any activity which Kikkoman deems inappropriate.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Content Shared on Social Media Services is the property of Kikkoman or the individual or entity providing the Content (hereinafter referred to as “Content Provider”). Any Content (including but not limited to documents, graphs, diagrams, data, images, and videos) which is protected by copyright, trademark, portrait, publicity rights or any other intellectual property rights is the property of the Content Provider and shall not be used in whole or in part without the written permission of the Content Provider; nor shall it be duplicated, broadcast, distributed, transferred, shared, translated, adapted, forwarded or used in any way intended to cause damage, financial or other, to Kikkoman or its brand value.
  2. By Sharing on Social Media Services Content protected by intellectual property rights, the Content Providers grant Kikkoman a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, free license of the Shared Content.
  3. Users ensure that content shared on Social Media Services, including photos, videos, images and written material, will not infringe on the rights of third parties. In cases where such infringement occurs, Users have the responsibility to settle all disputes with third parties in a manner which will not affect Kikkoman.
  4. Users do not exercise copyright or author’s moral rights of Shared Content or any content sent to Kikkoman when using Social Media Services.

6. Revisions and Changes to Terms and Conditions

Kikkoman reserves the right to change the content of these Terms and Conditions without the prior consent or notice to Users. In such instances, all revisions and changes take effect upon being posted and displayed in the Kikkoman Group Social Media Policy.


These Terms and Conditions are effective from 1 March 2021