Wafu Teriyaki Hamburger


Cooking Time

15 mins




For 2 portion(s)

Minced Beef Meat 300g
Chopped Onion 250g
Egg 1 piece
Panko (Bread crumb) 1 cup
Milk 5 tbsps
Vegetable oil (for sauteing) 2 tbsps
Salt As you like
Pepper As you like
KIKKOMAN Teriyaki Marinade Original Flavour 5 tbsps

1. Stir-fly the chopped onions in pan till fragrant, then stir in the panko and the milk.
2. Mix the egg, the minced meat to (1).
3. Shape the minced meat into a hamburger.
4. Grill hamburger meat untill cooked.
5. Add KIKKOMAN Teriyaki Marinade Original Flavour and simmer for 1 min after boiling us the sauce and serve.

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