Cooking Time

30 mins




For 3-4 portion(s)

Water 450 ml
KIKKOMAN Sukiyaki Soup 50 ml
Japanese Green Onion 2 sprigs
Enoki mushrooms 1 pack
Shiitake mushrooms 3 pieces
Garland chrysanthemum (Tung Oh) 100 g
Bok choy Chinese cabbage 200 g
Shirataki (Konjac noodles) 1 pack
Pressed Tofu 1 pack
Vegetable Oil A little
Carrots A little
Pasteurized raw eggs As you like

1. Boil shirataki and cut them into half.

2. Cut the Japanese Green Onion diagonally into 1cm wide, the leafy vegetables into 5cm, and enoki mushrooms into bite-sized pieces.

3. Drain off the water from the tofu and cut it into 8 equal pieces.

4. Sauté the vegetables and meat in the vegetable oil and add 50ml of Kikkoman Sukiyaki Soup with 450ml of the water (1:9 ratio). Cook until all the ingredients are cooked through. Garnish with the carrots.

5. Serve with the pasteurized raw eggs, if desired.

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