Braised Pork Belly


Cooking Time

90 mins




For 3-4 portion(s)

Water 600 ml
KIKKOMAN Sukiyaki Soup 200 ml
Pork belly 500 g
Ginger (4 cm x 4 cm) 1 piece
Japanese Green Onion 2 sprigs
Spring Onion For garnish

1. Separate the white part and the green part of the Japanese Green Onion and cut the white part into 4 cm pieces.
2. Pour enough water to cover the pork belly and cook with the ginger and the green parts of the Japanese Green Onion, until they are tender.
3. When the meat is tender, remove it from the pot, clean it under running water and cut it into pieces.
4. Put the meat, thinly sliced ginger and the white parts of the leek in a pot along with 200 ml of Kikkoman Sukiyaki Soup and 600ml of water (ratio 1:3) to the meat and cook for 30-40 minutes over medium heat.
5. When done, garnish with chopped spring onions and serve.

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