Kikkoman and the story of soy sauce

Every product tells a story, and every company has a history. At Kikkoman, the story of our products and the history of our company come together in a single word: heritage.

That's because soy sauce, the product at the heart of everything we stand for, is one of the world's oldest condiments—dating back more than 2,500 years. And Kikkoman, one of the world’s oldest food companies, was founded more than three-and-a-half centuries ago.

According to legend, in the mid-1600s, a resourceful widow started brewing soy sauce in Noda, Japan. She could never have imagined that her modest enterprise would one day evolve into a company known throughout the world as the leading source of premium, naturally brewed soy sauce. Today, more than 17 generations later, Kikkoman is still owned and operated by descendants of this early entrepreneur.

That's the heritage we bring to the table—a heritage of uncompromising dedication to quality and tradition. We, at Kikkoman, take great pride in bringing the rich heritage of soy sauce to homes and restaurants around the world.

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What is soy sauce?

The Process of Making Kikkoman Soy Sauce